Getting my ass back to the gym…

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After giving birth, I was told by tias, friends, and my suegra, that I needed a good faja (basically, a post-partum waist trainer, like this one: Hourglass Waist Trainer Trimmer Slimming Belt – Hot Neoprene Sauna Sweat Belly Band Body Shaper for Weight Loss Back Support Sport Girdle (White with Black, 2XL (Waistline 38.6”-41.7”))) to help my tummy bounce back and prevent the dreaded mommy “pooch.” After many women in my life suggested it, I ended up purchasing the one I linked above. I wore the damn thing day and night, hours at a time. I didn’t really see much of a difference in my physical appearance. It did, however, help me with some back pains that I was experiencing after baby. Thankfully, because of that, it wasn’t a complete waste of my money. I also have a different use for it now (more about this in a bit). Anyway, I felt, and still feel, this pressure to get back to my former physique as quickly as possible. It felt unfair and unrealistic for everyone to expect me to get back to the “old me” that fast. I was dealing with sleepless nights, the struggles of breastfeeding, post-partum anxiety, and all the learning experiences of newfound motherhood. The last thing on my mind was looking good. I made a firm decision to just take my time and hit the gym when I felt secure in my new role as “mom.”

My current and former shapes:

So, recently, I made the ever so difficult decision to get a gym membership again after months of being kinda huevona with my 7 month old baby. Pre-baby me was in the gym an average of five times a week, getting toned and building muscle. I didn’t have any goals really, just wanted to look better. Well, that isn’t the goal now. Now, I just want to feel better. I’ve been so sluggish and tired since baby was born (ok, actually, since a few months before he was born!). I’m trying to lose the baby fat and get back into my healthy lifestyle.

I was never a slave to the scale. My approach to fitness was simply eat right and work-out often, minimal cardio and mostly weight-lifting. Now that I weigh more (post-pregnancy) than I ever have in my life, I find that my methodology has changed. I have to think about losing fat and seeing the pounds come off. It’s a very different perspective for me. Now, I do weekly weigh-ins, trying to see my progress in numbers. I do 20-30 minutes of cardio, whereas I used to do only 10. My focus is weigh less! I hate it, but I know that needs to be my goal in order to be healthier. So, I amped up my cardio and am doing light weight lifting to get myself going. I use the post-partum belt as a workout aid. I put it on before my sauna session and wear it throughout my workout to help maximize how much I sweat. I’m not a fitness expert by any means, but I’ve read that sweating can help control water retention (aka, water weight). This is especially helpful for me when I’m in that time of the month as I retain a lot of water! It’s also helpful for use during my weight-lifting sessions as it provides additional back support, which helps me prevent injuries. While it didn’t do much to help my pancita, it can help in that respect.

Anyway, while I am seeing health and fitness in a different light now, I still try to keep a positive image of myself. Yes, it’s hard seeing past the stretch marks and extra softness all over my body. Yes, I have my downer moments. Yes, I’ve cried over my mommy tummy, but I’ve made the decision to try to better myself. Slowly, but surely, I’ll get back to my healthier self!

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